Friday, January 2, 2009

Spiral Development Method

While working on the rules and setting I think I will be applying the years of labor my masters cost me and use a method that is commonly used in complex software. In this case it is called the Spiral Development Method, where you concentrate on concept, risk analysis and requirements heavily. Then build a draft, long before you actually test anything. In contrast most writing has you perfect a stage before moving on and you don't really know the limitations before it is completely finished. A poor way to do it, at least for game design in my opinion.

The main merit of the Spiral Method is that it is iterative so are essentially rewriting the same work several times before a final phase of detailed design, proper testing, and squaring it away. Maybe there is something similar to this already in writing but I am not aware of it. Maybe because most writing is not a game to be balanced out and using bell curves. So, we shall see how this works, I will put up a initial draft of both rules and setting next week.

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