Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Men

Cleric will be pretty much along the lines as written in B/X. The notable exception will be turning undead which will effect not only undead but most supernatural creatures, effects and general occurrences. The various supernatural spirits and beings in the world can be warded by the hand of the cleric, thus protecting a person, a dwelling or a place. The length and strength of the effect will be based on the turning undead roll, so Cleric level will be the primary moving factor.

Anyhow, most of the population is aware of the Cleric's power so it would not be uncommon for, lets say, an innkeeper to offer free room and board to a Cleric in hopes to gain this warding effect. Of course most such holy men are charlatans but you never know when you will come across the real deal.

The actual effect of turning will be primarily as written in B/X. That is a turned foe will be warded and can approach no farther. Most will flee. Foes that are much weaker than the Cleric can be outright destroyed. The same goes for warding a building or location, although this ritual affair takes longer and is somewhat more draining on the Cleric. Limitation on the size of the ward will be something like 10 cubed meters per level. A level 4 Cleric thus should have no issues warding an Inn or small temple. A level 10 Cleric can probably ward an entire keep.

All Cleric will have a patron deity though I admit I will probably end up doing my deity list last. I like this list a lot and I am sure I will use a version of the Finnic Deities as well. Different races will have different lists of course and will likely have a vastly different dogma. I will not however spell it out and leave it for the most part in the hands of the players. I may limit Cleric armor to chain so it has a definate roll in the game rather than a use-at-level-1-only type of thing. It seems more natural to me for some reason, and it will give the Paladin something else good.

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