Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Gonzo In All Of Us

I think we all have some gonzo D&D stories, particularly if you played in elementary or jr high school. I usually have to fight the urge to delve a bit too deep into gonzo and I'm sure things like were-mammoths and lake-puddings are probably over the top somewhat. I will probably throw them in anyhow, as I think there should be something that PCs just should respect/avoid/scratch their heads at. Other things naturally won't be making it in. While a undead hydra with beholder heads that all breath ochre jellys looks good on paper.. well actually it doesn't even look good on paper, its just gonzo and probably has no place therein.

In Valley of Blue Snails I created a small little location for gonzo things should I absolutely feel the need to put it in somewhere. Here is the brief description I had in the locations area:
'Anvil of the Makers - A lone peak of sullen gray stone that gives a headache when viewed, causes vomiting when traveled towards and death should one reach the base'.

Intended as a place where mortals should not tread, and god likely don't drop the soap there either. In WoW terms, its the zone that is blocked off for some future expansion and instant death is blanketed very thickly upon entering.

On the tangent of Gonzo I have entertained a pet project, a one shot adventure that is nothing but Gonzo. I would lovingly call it RIP1 - The Orgified Castles of Thor or some shit. Would probably be a hoot to write up, and I imagine it would purge any gonzo from my system for a good long while. Perhaps after a decent working copy of Valley of blue Snails I will do so.

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