Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Direct Question

Bouncing ideas around is my preferred method to realize a final product. I believe that one person with one imagination is simply too restrained by their own preconceptions. So while I don't mind answering direct questions, feed back is required to end up with a better product.

Think of it this way Lt, the more feed back I get, the better the campaign will be. Also the comments area is preferred since the whole point of the blog is development in one place rather than separate email threads that I would need to somehow track down a year from now.


>> The lands of Beria.

This is pretty much a one liner from the landmarks, "Beria - Plains, home to roaming were-mammoths. Usually avoided as such". Obviously the key phrase here 'were-mammoths' and why anyone is there intentionally is beyond me. This place is practically a natural barrier between various locations and not really intended towards early play. Especially just starting out a campaign 'welcome-to-Valley-of-Blue-Snails, here-is-a-fucking-were-mammoth, have-fun'. Definitely a destination, not a home.

>> The family of Humans: Um'Bom, Eyes of Light Unbound.

Clearly geared towards a dearly missed Kisko from three generations ago, Um'Bom (which is probably misspelled). Naturally I will be throwing these kinds of things in when I can, and from a wide variety of sources. Anyhow, the line is "Um'Bom, Eyes of Light Unbound - Unburdens the heart, gives strong feelings of compassion, honestly, and repentance when the gaze is focused on a target". This is loosely based upon what the sacrament of penance should theoretically do; that is unconditional forgiveness, true sorrow over ones actions, true intention of not repeating them. The end result is something of enlightenment, so take that as what you will.

>>The family of Haflings: Wildenbern, Eye of Blooming.

I wrote this one last in the Oculus lines and simply put it in to match an image I used earlier (left). None of the others quite fit so I wrote this around that pic. Also I wanted to make the benevolent and malign abilities roughly equal and I needed one more. The original line is "Wildenbern, Eye of Blooming - Growth and culmination of reaching ones true potential". The inspiration is the Tao philosphy of coming into ones own, free of good or evil. The end result is something of harmony, and probably directed more towards others than yourself.

Those two abilities I somewhat imagine as a gift that you can give to others, but something that may elude user. On that tangent, what happens when two Oculus users face each other? I am thinking if they are of different lines, both would have full effect. If they are of the same line, they would have no effect. I may also add in that the effects of an Oculus power can be removed by anyone of the same line (or at least if they are of the same level/HD). So in this sense one of the most dangerous foes against an Oculus line is someone within their own line. Ah, yet another layer of potential intrigue.

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