Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dotting down some landmarks as I think of them. I will be editing this thread for a few days.

Banshar Krush - Broken Mountains intersected with a few large rivers. Rife with inhuman inhabitants.
Hours of Glassnettle - Small area, only 5 or so square miles but full of glass tangles that seem to grow like weeds. Very difficult to cross.
Gura, the Stained Peaks - Isolated mountains from raw ores, creating a poisonous habitat. Strange plants and animals make a home here.
Autumn Rowe - Orange-leaf trees and yellow grass makes this light forest appear in perpetual Autumn.
Bitter Vice - Bottle neck canyon and pass through the Banshar Krush.
Goupien Gulf - Poisoned sea bordering the stained peaks.
Tidiel - Great alpine valley among the Banshar Krush.
Vamarine Reaches- Emerald deciduous forests and meadows making up the Kamarine kingdom and the southern wilderlands.
Dome of the Thundergod - Cresting peak that is perpetually stormy.
Cyrellia - Large island with tall peaks, dotted with glaciers.
Golla Geyser beds - Hot springs and boiling pots periodically shift in these prairies.
Beria - Plains, home to roaming were-mammoths. Usually avoided as such.
Icanulian - Great peaks surrounding a dead lake. Said to be the resting place of a pre-deity being.
Jungles of Thoog - Flabby jungles with terrible malformed things.
Anvil of the Makers - A lone peak of sullen gray stone that gives a headache when viewed, causes vomiting when traveled towards and death should one reach the base.
Eluraelon - Taiga forests deep with many hidden glades and valleys.
Forlorn Clutch- Deep and dark woods with a perpetual curtin of miasma, home to many unkind spirits.
Ice Thistle Gorge - Large glacier-cut gorge, and very deep, up to a mile. Large hatched and hatched eggs lay within.
Bulbbog - Iridecent bulbs light this light marsh.
Slobermuck - Mulchy swamps, home to several smaller humanoids.
Tearsands - Desloate stretch of dunes.
Twilight Boughs - Dark woods, home to many elves who prefer isolation.
Silverpine Gnash - Great light forest which many races claim.
Mist Mounds - Hill and perches with a perpetual sheet of mist among the peaks.
Lushwater Ravines - Cliffs of a 1000 waterfalls. The many nooks and broken terrain make it a beautiful but nigh inexplorable place.
Starlight Folly - Crater, quite large. Mostly dead, mostly.
Mornshade - Great desert will a wide variety of terrain.
Nublet Cove - Sweet water cove, but strange nodes appear on anyone entering the water.
Northfury Canyons - Dry storms make these canyons dangerous and noisy.
Tarpsrings - Tarpits and tar-geysers make up this wide lagoon of muck.
Valley of Blue Snail - Vale of light forest and mild lakes. Not close to any large cities so relatively untouched. All PC races have some representation in these peaceful lands. (proving grounds)

Voke of Navia - Liniar valley of five small Elf states
Iskantria - Smaller Halfling realm in the subtropics. Surrounded with lush forests.
Vamarine - One of the big 3 kingdoms
Orobia - One of the big 3 kingdoms, former seat of Seleucid
Kabdoria - One of the big 3 kingdoms.
Kepiquan - Archipelago islets, halfling and elves mostly who keep a distant but copperative arragment.
Yithnia - Torn forbidding realm, variety of racing including human.
Karinstia- Former agricultural holdings, now quite wealthy human realm since the breaking of the three kingdoms.
Phorumn - A vagrant council manages this realm which is mostly a Halfling nomadic land.


  1. How common or uncommon would knowing all of these facts be?

    This is great. One of my favorite posts. It sparked interest, memories, and my imagination.

  2. Most of this is common knowledge, which I will go into more detail later. I will probably expand and re-post this list as we go.