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The lands between Orobia and Kabdoria I want to be particularly unsavory due to the forbidding wilderness and the large battles recently fought there. I plan to call these the Midrealms, which should stretch a good 200 miles between the two realms, and can be as long as 30 miles wide. The basic terrain would be a mesh of taiga and lightly forested valleys. The terrain is broken with boulders, ravines, small rivers, and small canyons dotting the landscape. Those readers familiar with Coopers Rocks will know exactly what I mean in that there are plenty of nooks where loathsome things can dwell.

Several roads do go through these areas and were often used twenty or so years ago. Now, most of these are in disuse since Ladoga was sundered with most of the homesteads have been long since sacked. A few well equipped caravans do make the journey, but it is usually unpleasant and rife with supernatural omens. It is practically suicidal for smaller caravans to make the journey, but occasionally a small and fast company will make the journey in haste. Several smaller towers and keeps lay in these hills but most have been abandoned when the armies of Vamarine and Orobia fought for well over two years. Now, most of these fortifications are ruins, but a few in the upper reaches were perhaps untouched although likely still abandoned.

The threats from the deep wilds have permeated in the Midrealms harshly after the war. Notably among them are the spirits who came after the battles, those who sensed the need to come hither. Kalevope, giants who endlessly sweep the battlefields with great scythes muddle around in odd circuits. Marggots, which are long snouted and short spirits which pick the battle fields clean after the Kalevope's are through. Other loathsome spirits will go out of their way to snatch an unwary soul are particularly virile. No bridge, no stagnant pond, no twisted tree seem to be free of some malign spirit.

Other beings from long forgotten endless seasons have also come out of the darkness to make an appearance in the Midrealms. Ghouls, which appear as dessicated Halflings. It is said that they are those who fell to Poome¹ and now prowl the barrows and graveyards in search of dead flesh. Gnomes, who are said to be wrought from Dwarves who grew so engrossed in their knowledge that they grew ignorant of all responsibilities - now obese creatures that tattoo their flesh with odd scripts and will torment those who have knowledge that they do not. Kobolds, formed from petty Elves that sought to spy upon the misdeeds of others, in particular dark secrets. Where Kobolds lair they slowly poison their surroundings with arsenic mineral clouds. Trolls, formed from petty men who were particularly beautiful and vain. Trolls have long exaggerated features and each is a unique and particularly disgusting in its own way, and in wanting of a fresh coat of skinned flesh to cover themselves with. Gnolls, thankfully rare, but it is said they were once beings who were fond of raping in their previous form. Each Gnoll is formed from the literal joining of a Gnome and Troll in a sicken aberrant act where the two form a single Gnoll. These humanoids have formed a series of small lairs which make travel in the wilderness a deadly affair lest one stumble upon them.

Wanderers who do return from the Midrealms have reported other strange sitings. Clusters of leathery man-sized eggs which cover the abandoned river town of Akkaid. Large mushroom circles that walk on their own accord. Huge glacial stones carved with detailed writings appearing next to campsites out of no where. Primeval roars of some monsterous entity heard in the night. Indeed, not a place that one treads lightly.

¹ Poome
The Halfling god Poome, is chaotic . His title is the Keeper of the Famished. Poome is the Halfling god of damnation, hunger and hopelessness. It is said when dishonored Halfing fails to follow his presentince destiny, when die they are doomed by Poome to wander as formless spirits to be forever hungry for all eternity. Truly a hell only a Halfling could understand. Poome has few if any sane followers and is widely unknown outside of Halfling folklore

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