Friday, January 9, 2009

Race Detail

As below, I will be detailing some of the races through narration. I will later put forth a guide on the race, the problems they face, and the politics involved with them. I will do something similar to the below for Dwarves, Halflings and Humans as well.

The Rules are getting more solidified which will allow me to write up the setting more. The setting will undoubtedly take much longer and be more intensive as far as a writing excersise. As for the rules, I have a pretty clear idea of what needs to be done; combat wounds, redo spells, bloodlines and powers, and the spell fuck-up table. I have a pretty clear skeleton to go on so the rest should be easy. It will really just be a matter of testing it after that and adpating it towards the setting.

The setting will be more of work under construction, and prototypes may be a bad idea for it. I'll give it a go at least once though, maybe next week or the week after assuming I have some decent content to put down. That said things are progressing about at the pace I intended so I am fairly pleased with that.

The narration below is described as "Journey to the Cities Afar" which will be a location in the setting. A fabled location which will be the human nirvana, far to the South East. The name was originally from B3 (I think) and Otter used it a bit so I am leaning to use it myself. Anyhow, it will be well outside the domain of the three kingdoms, perhaps just as a perpetually mystical place that no one actually sees.

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