Thursday, January 29, 2009


I will probably do a map or two soon so I do not confuse myself with contradictory locations. I am fairly pleased with the Ilim map I did last year (left) and will likely use the same style. The main limitation is since things are disproportionate, it is not a good style for a lot of locations. So, it may end up being 2-3 separate maps with close up views or perhaps 1 broad-view map with a few other small detailed ones.

I am feeling lazy I may use the Ilim blank template and just use my the Valley of Blue Snails lables. After all, Ilim is no longer being used and probably will not be anytime soon.

For the general scope I am looking at something like this (below). Former Ladoga in the center of the map, now split into the 3 large realms of Vamarine, Kabdoria and Orobia. There include the independant realms which are not delinated yet. For now yellow, blue and orange are 'human'. The purple/pink areas are generally elf/dwarf or halfling territory, and tend to be smaller than the human realm. Green is essentually deep wilds. The far east and far west of the map are mostly unexplored.

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