Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Multi-Classing will be a fairly important part of the game as it will be open to anyone, even after the PC is generated and into his starting levels. It will be fairly easy to work so let me elaborate while its fresh in my head. Let say Grobo the Invincible is a level 4 Fighter with 14,000 experience. He wishes to advance his Magic User level. In this case Grobo the Invincible moves 2,500 xp from his Fighter class to his Magic user Class.

Grobo now has 11,500 in Fighter and 2,500 in Magic User. New experience gained can be placed in either class, or a new one for that matter. He gains the full benefits and limitations of his new Magic User Class. There are some limitations in gaining new classes: a 5 level spread must be present when gaining a new class and you can not drop a level in a class to gain a level of another class. In the above, if Grobo had been at 8,000 xp and just hit level 4, he could not gain a level in Magic User. Likewise if Grobo was level 8, he could not level in Magic User unless he did so previously and the Magic User level was at least level 3.

As far as benefits of the new class, the new level grants all normal benefits of that class. New hit dice, new spells, new thief abilities and so forth. The limitation also apply however, namely in armor. A Fighter in plate can not cast Magic User spells or use Theif abilities unless he removed thier armor (or wear leather for a the Theif levels). The same goes for edged weapons and Clerics. The player will be the best of his available Save Throws. Attack bonus will likely be his best available. In this sense there are advantages to sticking with one class. A strict Magic User will have the best spells available, a strict Fighter will fight better than any multi-class and so forth. However the advantages to multi-class will be luractive enough I think to warrant some messing with.

I will probably use a infomal class trainer for the classes and class titles to level up. That the PC has to learn from a Mage to gain Magic User levels. He has to learn from a Paladin to gain his Paladin status. This is informal though and will not cost gold or a specific time, just DM fiat.

I am probably capping progression at level 15. Level 5 will be hero quality where normal people will be in awe of such a person. Level 9 will be name level, and will grant followers and open up running realms. Level 12 will be in living legend domain, a once in a generation type of fellow for his race. Level 15 is practically a demi-god. Theoretically a PC could get 15/15/15/15 but it would be something like 4 million xp which is quite ridiculous.

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