Monday, January 26, 2009

Seleucid the Sundered Prince

I used the name Seleucid as the Emperor of Ladoga intentionally, to reference an article I did for the Paizo contest last year. I liked the character and I think he would make a good tragic figure in the whole Valley of Blue Snails lore.

The original write up I did went as so "Seleucid the Sundered Prince was once a mortal wizard-prince. In his effort to bring harmony between the goddesses Yith and Zyga, he was impaled upon the black iron staves of the storm giant, Wren. Dark Yith decreed that he should die, while bright Zyga decreed that he should live a modest and honorable life. The result of the equal yet opposite divine powers pulled apart Seleucid’s soul and he was left to languish upon the black staves for centuries. For unknown reasons Yith freed and named him her consort. Seleucid is no longer a man—nor a god, lich, or other power. He remains in a transitory state of being that is both his reward and punishment from the twin goddesses. Sages speculate that the black iron staves of Wren may hold some transitory power, although what this power may be and where the staves are located is a mystery."

This is decent and I may go something along the same tangent. First off, the Emperor is not dead - well not entirely dead but most of Ladoga thinks he is. Secondly I figure his line is the only one to have two Oculus powers which is perhaps pivotal as to why they were in power and why they eventually perished. As to wither a pair of twin but diametric gods tear his soul apart or if its more of his own doing with the Oculus I will leave vague for now. I think it would be no long stretch for pair of gods to take interest in the Emperor of Ladoga however.

So, Seleucid is likely the closest thing to a demi-god that I have in mind at the moment. Fairly powerful Magic-User, two Oculus powers, and in some sort of non-mortal transitory state of being. I may make him a consort to a deity type of power although I am not sure quite yet. I expect this may develop more once I do the gods. I will have him as a languishing figure, perhaps slowly seeping out back into the world would be a good plot device however. Or maybe even the PC(s) will need to release him for those events to be set into motion (oops, spoiler).

He need not be evil really, his mere presence would very easily drive major events. And in fact I think his state of being is just beyond normal morality, and in a very broken state. Anyone of his line would be a major threat to any current power in Ladoga not to mention they would likely suffer a similar fate as Seleucid - so another possible story line there.

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  1. Cool,
    Just last night I had a great amount of trouble sleeping and was thinking of a way to present to you with the idea of a human with two different eye colors, Oculus. Like Ivan. Started going of in to how hard it would be on the mind of one so gifted. It was very cool to find this next entry.