Saturday, January 17, 2009

And away we go again

A new server opened up in WoW so I rerolled once again. The last server to open was about 3 months ago and before that about a year. I generally like the rerolling process since its more of the journey than the destination for me, at least when it comes to WoW toons and the WoW endgame (which gets old pretty quick). I sold my last account on for 240$ for one PC and $330 for another. In the hayday of UO I made well over $10k a year just from selling incidental crap and while this is no means nearly as lucrative, it is still nice to have a hobby that pays for itself, not mention groceries for a few months.

Anyhow, posting will be light while I level up once again. And if I have to write up a villain for that contest that will likely consume quite a bit more time until the 23rd. Anyhow, I have a mental image of the material I want at this point. I expect to start putting some form to it the following weekend. Until then, probably sporadic posting. I may do a map or perhaps some more artwork while I am in the mood.

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