Friday, February 20, 2009

The Walking Stone

Few things terrify the stoic Elves, but one such thing is The Walking Stone. It is one of the few things that predates memory and its appearance is nothing less than horrifying to the sane of mind. The Walking Stone is a four legged colossus wrought from ashen stone and clearly ancient with many cracks, crevices, and pot marks. It appeared to once have a set of four wings but they have long since been broken off. It face defies description other than it is a twisted amalgam of no things living.

The Walking Stone is hundreds of meters in length and legends say it is alive and does walk the world on its own accord – although this has not occurred in many decades. The Walking Stone now stands in the lands south of Orobia in the jutting red-rock badlands of Medeoga. A strange race of twisted faceless men have built a small city of obsidian buildings under the creature and even onto its belly. The Elves warn the place is clearly only for the mad - the Walking Stone has sat itself down crushing the city and its inhabitants more than once. The insane dwellers rebuild the city again once the Walking Stone rights itself.

No reliable account accurately describe the city itself or its inhabitants.

I have no intentions to make Valley of Blue Snails a horror setting, but I do like a good variety of locations including a place where all should fear to tread. I also like the idea of a doomsday back-up plan should the need arise.

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