Monday, February 16, 2009

Spell List

I am keeping the spell list fairly close to B/X, but the actual casting of spells will be more common. The major change many spells do not need to be specifically memorized and may simply be cast for 'free' when 1) not in combat, 2) in an unstressful situation, 3) 5-10 minutes allowable to cast the spell. Spells that are otherwise cast in combat or cast in stressful situations will need to memorized as normal and may be pronounced and released with a word of power and gesture.

All Cleric spells can be cast out of combat for 'free' essentially, which will make them a fair bit more powerful than normal. I am fine with this since this will essentially solve my problem with combat being completely bogged down with attrition - ala I kill 3 Kobolds then rest for two weeks. Besides, Clerics generally only memorize the healing spells which is counter productive to a fair sized spell list.

I can probably eliminate any combat changes, or at least save any combat changes for terms of flavor rather than mechanics. Some Cleric spells will probably need to be memorized assuming thier nature. Casting something like Sriking will almost always be used in combat, so they will need to memorize them. Generally though I'm surprised how few combat spells Clerics really have. The main limitation Clerics will have is time to cast out of combat spells, and the favor of their deity. Clearly over doing it will cause most deities to check them. Clerics will still start with all spells of level known, unless a spell is opposite of their deity. Anti-clerics can reverse spells by uttering the spells backwards - a profane act.

Magic-Users are a mixed bag and I really want to see spells in play that you otherwise never use - hold portal, floating disk, etc. The majority of their spells will naturally be combat related so they will need to be memorized, but I made sure a few non-combat ones were available as well. The main limitation is learning the spells. I am granting 1 spell-per-level gained (2 at level 1). Anything else must be found or painfully researched. an Intelligence check is needed to learn any researched or found spell - failing mean you can never learn it. So in this way Intelligence is very important to Magic-Users.

Bolded spells are Illusionist only (a status title), who gain both Magic-User spells and access to the Illusionist ones. Spells marked with * are only available in combat, thus must be memorized thoroughly and a word of power is required to release them.


First Level Clerical Spells
1 Cure Light Wounds
2 Detect Evil
3 Detect Magic
4 Light
5 Protection from Evil
6 Purify Food and Water
7 Remove Fear
8 Resist Cold
9 Consecrate

Second Level Clerical Spells
1 Bless
2 Charm Animal
3 Find Traps
4 Hold Person
5 Resist Fire
6 Silence 15' radius
7 Speak with Animals
8 Spiritual Hammer
9 Exorcism

Third Level Clerical Spells
1 Continual Light
2 Cure Blindness
3 Cure Disease
4 Growth of Animals
5 Locate Object
6 Remove Curse
7 Speak with Dead
8 Striking
9 Banish

Fourth Level Clerical Spells
1 Animate Dead
2 Create Water
3 Cure Serious Wounds
4 Dispel Magic
5 Neutralize Poison
6 Protection from Evil 10' radius
7 Speak with Plants
8 Sticks to Snakes
9 Bind Spirit

Fifth Level Clerical Spells
1 Commune
2 Create Food
3 Dispel Evil
4 Insect Plague
5 Quest
6 Raise Dead
7 True Seeing
8 Wall of Fire

Sixth Level Clerical Spells
1 Animate Objects
2 Blade Barrier
3 Find the Path
4 Heal
5 Regenerate
6 Restoration
7 Speak with Monsters
8 Word of Recall

Magic User

First Level Magic-User Spells
1 Charm Person*
2 Detect Magic
3 Floating Disc
4 Hold Portal
5 Light
6 Magic Missile*
7 Magic Mouth
8 Protection from Evil
9 Read Languages
10 Shield*
11 Sleep*
12 Ventriloquism
13 Audible Glamer
14 Mirror Image
15 Detect illusions

Second Level Magic-User Spells
1 Continual Light
2 Detect Evil
3 Detect Invisible
4 ESP*
5 Invisibility*
6 Knock
7 Levitate
8 Locate Object
9 Mirror Image*
10 Web*
11 Wizard Lock
12 Obscurement
13 Alter Self
14 Phantasmal Force*

Third Level Magic-User Spells
1 Clairvoyance
2 Darkvision
3 Dispel Magic
4 Fireball*
5 Fly*
6 Haste*
7 Hold Person*
8 Invisibility 10‘ radius*
9 Lightning Bolt*
10 Protection from Evil 10’ radius
11 Protection from Normal Missiles
12 Water Breathing
13 Illusionary Wall
14 Phantom Steed
15 Spectral Force*

Fourth Level Magic-User Spells
1 Charm Monster*
2 Confusion*
3 Dimension Door
4 Growth of Plants
5 Ice Storm*
6 Massmorph
7 Polymorph Other*
8 Polymorph Self*
9 Remove Curse
10 Wall of Fire*
11 Wizard Eye
12 Hallucinatory Terrain
13 Shadow Door

Fifth Level Magic-User Spells
1 Animate Dead
2 Cloudkill*
3 Conjure Elemental
4 Feeblemind*
5 Hold Monster*
6 Magic Jar
7 Passwall*
8 Telekinesis*
9 Teleport*
10 Wall of Stone
11 Advanced Illusion
12 Improved Invisibility*

Sixth Level Magic-User Spells
1 Anti-Magic Shell
2 Death Spell*
3 Disintegrate*
4 Flesh to Stone*
5 Geas*
6 Invisible Stalker*
7 Lower Water
8 Projected Image*
9 Reincarnate
10 Wall of Iron
11 Mass Invisibility*
12 Permanent Illusion


  1. It'll make a big difference if you consider being in a dungeon to be a "stressful situation" or not.

  2. Ardell may categorize it as if you are free from a SEE - significant emotional event, as the military lovingly calls them. You will know if you have one.

    PCs should generally be hardened enough that if they are intentionally going in these places, it should not fall into that category. Now if they are trapped in a room will Bile-Giants bashing down a door while its filling up with chlorine gas, yeah, I think that would be counted as stressful. I actually look forward to the specific declinations during game play :P

    I love TLA's btw (three letter abbreviations).

  3. So, a wizard needs to be fighting somebody in order to fly?

  4. Flying would be considered 'stressful' so it would merely operate under the combat motif.