Monday, February 2, 2009

Art of Valley of Blue Snails

I am a rather large fan of good art and I believe it can make or break the feel of a product. A single picture or two can definitely inspire the reader and to the tone as well as the atmosphere of the game. While browsing internet-prime for misc pics to throw in my posts I will occasionally come across one that says 'that's just what I wanted'. This one, and this one come to mind off hand, and indeed they change my outlook on what I originally intended to write. And trust me, it isn't easy to find a good piece when you have something specific stuck in your head 'Halfling +Image +Prescience', lol.

Ideally I'd like to take $2000 and hire some of the old school RPG artist to product their craft with some themes I have in mind. I'll have to see how much Otter paid for this Jim Roslof piece and get his email. I think more than 1 or 2 of these would be out of my budget so I may end up with a mishmash of other things. I do not like to steal copy written pieces (well other than on blogs, lol), so may end up doing a few peices myself or looking into some old public domain peices (though I'm fuzzy about what I'm actually allowed to do with them).

I don't mind doing the art work but it tends to be time consuming and has mixed results with my unpracticed hands. I will at least do a couple mundane things like 'table with beer and weapons on it' or 'forest with very large mushrooms', and so forth. And I need to do a map too.. and so the work starts to pile up. I wonder if Jim Roslof does maps..

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