Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Headers and Footers

Fairly busy at work for a change so I have not had time to do much. I have been thinking some headers and footers and how I want them look. I drew up an example here (click to enlarge):

Basically just a little hand sketch to go at the top of a page of the 4 season with the Oculus in the center with a blue snail. I may do something similar for the bottom if I'm ambitious. I wanted something amateurish and not overly polished since I think any artwork that goes in will clearly follow that motiff. Also I wanted some color since text can be drab page after page and I don't figure I will get a whole lot of art going. An example page is here. I will probably apply a light blue gradiant on the bottom half of the page that gets darker the further it goes down. Adobe Pro is easy enough to use that it makes such things relatively easy to change around as you go.


  1. Dude.. It has to have a freakin big ass blue snail with a village on top worked in.

  2. 'Big ass' and a one inch height requirement is a bit hard to pull off.

    For the footer I was thinking something simple like a sword blade with a snail on it. Maybe I can put a village on it if I can find my micron pens...

  3. LOL. Great. You are a master of the micro pens.