Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Landmarks Addendum

Now that I have a rough map to go by I will be filling up some more of the landmarks. Also I need to consolidate some of my earlier notations about locations. I will probably only do one or two more set of these so I don’t overload the place with landmarks. Also I want to allow a fair amount of sandbox areas to fill it at a later point. Either way, when completed it should provide a virtual lifetime of adventure seeds.

Vice of Leaves – Groves north of Kabdoria that lay as the one of the remains of the Great Rot. Compost piles and strange autumn creatures still lurk therein.

Settling Falls – In mid-Vamarine, a large river originating from the Banshar Krush takes a dive down a sink hole. Where the water ultimately goes no one knows.

Lake of Orchids – Western Vamarine, a large lake that blooms carpets of orchids year round. The elves consider this a holy place and routinely make the pilgrimage.

Jasper Wall Thrones – In the Halfling realm of Yivmey, a large outcropping of chair-shaped rocks litter the landscape along with a petrified forest of still-standing tree. The chairs are wrought from jasper like rock.

Echo Deeps – A deep set of canyons in northern Orobia, said to be one of the last remaining vestiges of the Estaocculus, the summer of eyes. Many explorers who enter come back blind. They speak of mirror-like rocks and diamond rivers, although none are so fool hardy as to find out for themselves.

Gates of the Eons
– Two pillar of purplish light that shine from plates of black glass in the ground. The pillars of light flow upwards of 100 meters. This is located in southern Orobia near the Desert of Derth.

Desert of Derth – This desolate desert is full of white-sand dunes, and underneath is a slick sheet of black glass if the sand is cleaned aside. In some places it is said one can see things underneath the glass.

Falor’s Rest
– A high ridge in the eastern reaches of Vamarine and the Elf realm of Agaesun. A light glade and otherwise unremarkable but great serenity can be found here, and it is said one’s inner turmoil can be put to rest in this place.

Fade Water Lake
– In central Kabdoria a large lake with endless depths is a dominate feature here. Strange creatures will pull large vessels underneath, no one sails upon its waters.

Downlight Mines – Once a series of iron mines, the Dwarves abandoned it when strange lights seeped up from the cave floors. Located in northern Orobia.

Sungraze Spine
– A lonely mountain in the center of the Elf Lands of Tharillim. Yellow trees can yellow grass sparkle with mist and dews at all times of they year. It is known to be one of the last places of the 3 year spring, Vaunderfel.

Rotholme – A dank valley in the northern reaches past Kabdoria. This is a large outcropping of the Great Rot. The lost Elven lands of Amanpih lay within.

Dwarf Isle
– Contrary to the name, no Dwarves live on this isle east of Kabdoria. Instead the ecology is a wide assortment of miniature creatures. Cows you could hold in one hand, Elves no larger than a doll, even dragons no larger than a bird.

Isle of Whites
– a large isle far from the coasts of Vamarine, this place is in a perpetual winter, lost from the endless winter of Hibernal. Strange walking corpses of all manner of creatures are said to lurk within.

Crossing of Whispers – A deep pass through the Banshar Krush that is routinely patrolled by sticky newt-men. Luckily they are deathly afraid of fire.

Agate Dam
– A dam of unknown origins along the Kabdoria and Orobia border. Geodes and agate make up much of its construction. Strange crystalline creatures lure on its walls and is thus avoided my most.

Strand of Reeds
– Great reeds can cattails create a forest where lost creatures dwell. Talking lizards and behemoth snakes lurk within. The strand is located south of Orobia bordering the Dwarf hills of Meahon.

Inner Circle of Four Winds
– Standing stones in the Dwarven peaks of the Banshar Krush. Those seeking spiritual enlightenment occasionally travel to the peaks.

The Shifting Dark
– The depths of this primeval forest create a perpetual darkness with many nocturnal creatures. It is rumored that a lost strand of Halflings from the Hibernal now live within.

Jungles of the Coil – Thick Jungles far to the east of Vamarine. Decrepit wasp-men implant eggs in interlopers thwarting most explorers.

Neverdawn Isle
– Series of islets forever changed from leafenfel, the 6 year autumn. Albino Dwarves roam these isles on the backs of bleached hydras. It is said a race of elves lives beneath the waves that smell akin to rotting seaweed.

Western Tide – A long beach on the coast of northern Vamarine that is the mating ground of Dragon Turtles. Their eggs are often laid in the mulchy sands. Obviously no one comes near this place.

Pyretops Isle – A strange isle with trees that spontaneously engulf in flames. The ground is littered with ash and quick growing shrubs. The isle lay south of Orobia.

The Wandering Patch – A large orchard of pumpkins that will pick up and move around in the early morning hours. It lies within the Dwarven realm of Roodg.

Saltwhisker Glens – North of eastern Kabdoria along the Elven lands of Gulouge, a large swampy glen lines the great sea. Strange dwellers make these salty flats their home including upright lobsters, whiskered Halflings with soft-shells, barnacle men, and crabs with open shells.

Azure Coves – A chain of smaller isles between Kabdoria and Vamarine. They are said to be a paradise, and a left over from the endless spring of sapphiron. Many pirates and merchant rogues make their homes here.

- - -

Ladoga – The human empire that was sundered into three parts, Vamarine, Kabdoria and Orobia.

Bohtan (ruins)– The former imperial city, now a large series of foreboding ruins.

Last Distillery – Famous Dwarven distillery using oak barrels that are said to be a thousand years old. It is located north of Kabdoria in the Dwarf lands of Chilfens

Silvermist Mills
– Cluster of Halfling dwellings along the Banshar River. Although technically in Kabdoria, they are known as a free realm or loose laws.

Yivmey – Halfling realm in the western deep wilds. Prolific traders with the rare travelers that travel that far.

Chilfens – Dwarf Lands northof Kabdoria, known as great hosts to travelers and traders. Widely known for their near magical feats of engineering and metal crafting.

Agaesun – Near Vamarine, this Elven land has been warring with inner strife among many small villages. Once peaceful and inviting, travelers are now wary when entering les they be accused of aiding an enemy

Trisnev (ruins) – Dwarven spires southwest of Kabdoria, lost to clerical strife during the Great Rot. Many Dwarves have returned to claim the place and remove the stain from their honor. It is often used as an example of the harm unchecked religion can cause.

Tharillim – Elves to pay homage to the Sungraze Spine, and have made their livelihood here.

Amanpih (ruins)– The Great Rot consumed this lost Elven lands. It is said those elves that remained were consumed as well, turned into folk with fungi bones and polypore flesh.

Roodg – Dwarven realm west of Vamarine. Home to the ‘Nine Whitebeard’, a clan of sages and also The Wandering Patch.

Gulouge – Elves and Halfling land in the distant north that are nomadic elk-riders. They are territorial and not prone to let travelers pass.

Meahon – Guttural and foul Dwarves who worship dark powers and create machines of war. Located south of Orobia.

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