Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Erol Otus Art Challenge

I entered in the Erol Otus Art Challenge and picked up two honorable mentions (and free loot as well). It is rather strange to have an iconical artist of D&D give your chicken scratch a look over and give a nod. This certainly exceeded my expectations and I am quite pleased.

4-5 of the entries were spot-on works for the Erol Otus era of D&D art and I look forward to the enlarged versions when they post them. I recommend taking a loot.

As a general update, I changed jobs and am also contracting at my old job. Thus the cobwebs and crickets. This project is in the 'dry polish' stage so there is not much to post anyhow. My cousin who is going to Iraq is visiting in a few days and we will likely give Valley of Blue Snails a playtest and I will make the appropriate changes. It is certianly playable now but who knows what will change after we actually play the damn thing. I am sure I will update after such.