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The Fey Triumvirate

As related to the article below, this is group of three races I shall be using as highly misunderstood do-gooders. For one reason or another they think that the four core PC races are antithesis of all things they hold dear. While normally peaceful, they will ultimately go well out of their way to thwart the plans and machinations of what they perceive are greatly evil acts – ie, anything the Elves, Dwarves, Halfling and Humans are up too.

The Fey Triumvirate

The Fey Triumvirate is highly attuned to with the spirits that inhabit the deep wilds. They co-exist with them as an every day part of life as opposed to mere superstition and fear of other humanoids. Most of their realms are in the distant northwest, far beyond the border of Kabdoria. This area is passed the Sands of Shells, a desert that was once an old sea bed. The Sands of Shells is high dangerous will high fluxuations of temperate between day and night, and loathsome creatures that dwell in the fossilized shells; dessicated slugs, enormous dried sea sponges, giant brine-fleas, land urchins, and coral morays to name a few.

The Elves speak of time when the Fey were far more numerous and reach further south, but they were pushed back in a series of brutal culling by Elves, Dwarves, Men and Halflings alike. This occurred mostly as a reaction to misunderstanding, but it is a common belief that these creatures are primitive, evil and generally up to no good. They are usually attacked on sight for said reasons, and they often respond in kind after years of butchery.

The Fey Triumvirate once held as many as nine races but only three remain; Marggots, Gnomes and Fionn. The three races do not dwell together, but they do work towards a common good. It would not be uncommon for the three races to band together to thwart a common threat. Any intruders passing beyond the Sands of Shells would be likely to see The Fey Triumvirate working in intelligent and highly organized warfare.

The Fey Triumvirate sees the ways of the humanoids as unnatural. They view them and fearful creatures that do not understand the spirits and inadvertently create malefic spirits. This is correct in some respects, although some ignorance on the part of The Fey Triumvirate fails to understand some of the greater good that the humanoids accomplish. The Fey Triumvirate merely sees the humanoids to south as an scourge upon the world, causing woe where every tread. Furthermore they are well aware that their territory has slowly diminished over the centuries and are now in desperation to seek a reprisal. Who can say what this is, but it is sure that they seek a way to harm their enemies.

Marggot (AC 3 or 10, shell HD 1 Att 1, weapon Save F1 Moral 4)

Marggots are hunched and diminutive humanoids that live in large shells that they find. They have slick olive skin, goat ears, large eyes and a parrot-like beak. Marggot shells usually originate from the Sands of Shells but any large shell would do. Turtle shells, hard gourds, a bronze helmet, and so forth. Marggots instinctively hide inside their shell when fearful, even if they know it does them no good. They are a skittish and fearful creatures out of years of being brutalized. Their years of torments have made them vicious when over powering an enemy, biting with sharp beaks and stabbing with thin stilettos.

Gnome (AC 8 HD 1 Att 1, weapon Save F1 Moral 11)

Commonly called Shrub Gnomes, these diminutive humanoids dwell in lowland shrubs in dwellings of moss, lichens and field stones. They are playful pranksters and full of mirth when in their own communities. Their peaceful demeanor is very different in unwelcome encounters however. Shrub Gnomes will amass in a group of rabid frothing limbs and mouths and over run their foes. This berserking rage consumes their consciousness until they utterly slay their foes. Afterward they seem to have little recollection as to what transpired. Shrub Gnomes worship a being known as 'The Toad that Nods'.

Fionn (AC 6 HD 1hp Att 1, weapon Save F1 Moral 9)

Fionn are sometimes known as a ‘quarterling’ due to their slight resemblance to Halflings and small size. This is misleading since they are quite different up close. Fionn are roughly the size of a large doll, hairy and rarely wear clothing. They use hands and feet equally well when manipulating objects and communicate by tapping on surfaces with their hard nails. Fionn are arboreal creatures and find themselves more at home in the heights than on the ground. Fionn are known to use toucans and other large-beaked birds as mounts. The female of their species is very slight, have hairless bodies and delicate wings. The females are very rare and are known as queens.

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