Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crystal Orb of the Suffering Thoog

I submitted an entry into the Paizo RPG contest, as I did last year. I have mixed feelings on doing so since the format plays to the masses, thus the Ebberron crowd which I generally despise. However the act of creating new items/critters is always fun and I enjoy some of the entries other folks write up. Anyhow, I wrote up 3 and settled upon the Crystal Orb of the Suffering Thoog since I like the idea of a fucked up hamster in a ball following people around. The actual power is somewhat meh but I am generally pleased with it.

The Cornuthaum of the Magi I gave to Nick to submitt since he wanted to participate but not actually write anything (luls). I actually like the Cornuthaum more and it is a liberal rip off of Philotomy's use of OD&D magic. However the rules are so vague I don't think it win into the next round. Still, as a DM I would have an endless amount of fun using it.

Crystal Orb of the Suffering Thoog
Aura moderate divination; CL 8th
Slot —; Price 41,000 gp; Weight 11lb


This crystal sphere is 8 inches in diameter and appears to have a hairless humanoid creature trapped within. The creature is diminutive, eyeless and has vestigial wings on its back that vaguely look like featherless chicken wings. The creature appears to be alive and will shift and twist inside the orb, occasionally making odd gestures with its infant-like limbs. If for some reason the orb is separated from its owner or is discarded, it will attempt to follow its owner by rolling on the floor. The orb is surprisingly tenacious when following its owner, albeit slow-moving at 5 feet per round.

Any creature looking directly at the Crystal Orb of the Suffering Thoog will have its thoughts broadcast to the owner (Will DC 19 negates), as spell detect thoughts. This effect can occur more than once at the same time. If the orb's owner is unusually cruel or mistreats the Crystal Orb of the Suffering Thoog, the owner's thoughts are broadcast to everyone with in 30 feet (Will DC19 negates).


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts;
Cost 20,500 gp

Bough of Sanguine Fruit
Aura strong enchantment; CL 14th
Slot —; Price 82,000 gp; Weight 11lb


This Bough of Sanguine Fruit appears as 4 foot twisted branch with rusty bark and flabby leaves. One end of the branch has spindly roots that slowly writhe and churn. If the branch is driven into the fleshy corpse of a recently deceased creature, it will bare a fruit in 12 hours. This fruit is plump, reddish and will have the vague features of the host in which the branch was planted. Only one piece of fruit will grow at one time.

If the fruit is eaten, the devourer will gain the appearance, memories and mannerism of the host corpse. This includes all unused spells and any trivial knowledge. The appearance and memories will last for 6 days. After this time the memories fade, the spells will be lost and the skin will blister off. The effects of the fruit are mildly addictive and anyone eating such a fruit yearns to eat another as soon as possible.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish;
Cost 41,500 gp

Cornuthaum of the Magi
Aura strong enchantment; CL 11th
Slot head; Price 21,000 gp; Weight 2lb


This tall pointy hat is usually well-worn, revealing its age with a host of patches, threadbare cloth, and it is often bent to one side instead of standing straight up. If worn by an arcane caster the Cornuthaum of the Magi grants one spell in the caster's level range. This spell is chosen by the DM and it is always a spell that the caster does not already know. This spell may or may not change when the caster rests.

It addition, the spell granted by the Cornuthaum of the Magi physically manifests itself upon the wearer as minor magical effects. For example; if the cornuthaum granted fireball the caster might be able to light his pipe with a small flame from his thumb, or make smoke come from his ears when annoyed. If the cornuthaum granted gust of wind it might have the owner's hair constantly blowing in an otherwise non-existent breeze. If the cone grants color spray the smoke from the owner's pipe may expel in many-colored rings. These effects are always minor but clearly otherworldly.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish;
Cost 10,500 gp

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