Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bro's before Ho Ho Hos

Herein will be the notes for the Valley of Blue Snails campaign. This campaign is created for a cousin who will soon be in Iraq - so we chose to do an online game to prevent boredom / escape from the realities of things sucking over in Iraq. So a decent time to write some homebrew crap and chronicle it for self indulgence.

Why Valley of Blue Snails? It was a technical error on the part of my cousin. He misread the title of an adventure in Dungeon 'Valley of the Snails' as Valley of Blue Snails (the pic in the adventure had some blue snails in it). Simply put, I like the name so it just a matter of semantics.

Valley of Blue Snails
Valley of the Blue Snails
Vale of Blue Snails
etc.. then suddenly a ton of names from MTG pop into my head along, Tabernacle of Blue Snails? Workshop of Blue Snails? Blue Snails from the Cities Afar?

Valley of Blue Snails
: Add one color of any type to your mana pool. You opponent gains a 1/1 Blue Snail token at the end of the turn. This token does not untap during the untap phase.

So at the moment I am sticking with Valley of Blue Snails since a) catchy, for me at least b) not overly long as a domain name, and c) Valley of Blue Snails brought up nothing on google, D) it will ultimately pay homage to the campaign, why and for whom it was created. So, perhaps Valley of the Blue Snails is grammatically incorrect, oh well, fuck it.

Mainly this blog will cover my notes in the creation process. I don't even know what exactly I will be creating yet; perhaps a new rule set, most likely a setting, and definitely some kind of starter for a online rpg. Will this be useful to someone else? Eh, probably not so much since the game is be based upon a single player and DM. Maybe I will do a map and perhaps some individual encounters I will post may be useful.

Also I will post some things that crop up in my other hobbies. World of Warcraft being one of them, we are starting a Dark Heresy game shortly as well. I am not sure what else I will post about but I imagine it won't be as periodic as the Valley of Blue Snails stuff will be. That said - welcome.

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  1. Cool. I'm curious to see what ruleset you come up with or end up using. I have about 10 pages of OD&D rules and have been operating pretty fast and loose other than that. I'm also considering a complete revamp of the magic system.